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You can buy plants many places, but one stop is all it will take to convince you why you should join our "family" of satisfied clients. Come see for yourself and compare the quality of our merchandise. We have the friendly professional staff to help with all your lawn and garden needs. 

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Kansas Expocentre

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Having a lawn sprinkler system installed is an excellent investment for your home as well as your time. A properly installed system using quality components not only takes the work and worry out of watering, but returns other benefits as well. Your system can help you find the extra time in today's active life-style for family activities, recreation, or even the luxury of doing nothing at all! At the same time, your sprinkler system will help protect your landscaping while adding value to your home. Since no two lawns are alike, each lawn sprinkler system is a "custom" installation. A skilled contractor using quality components can design and install a system that will last many years with a minimum of maintenance. Before investing in a sprinkler system, take time to learn more about the components, design, and installation practices that make up a quality system.

Where to Start

The following questions are examples of those found in Weathermatic's "Homeowner's Guide", a comprehensive Q&A guide to help you in selecting the right components and finding the right contractor to install your system.

Q.) How can I be sure I will get a quality system?

A.) A quality sprinkler system is one flexible enough for your watering needs, it will put the proper amount of water in each area, and it will continue operating year after year with minimal maintenance. Ultimately your satisfaction will depend on three things:
1) The Quality of the components
2) The Design of the system
3) The Craftsmanship of the installation
All Weathermatic components are engineered and manufactured to give you years of trouble-free service. We are one of the world's leading suppliers of landscape and turf irrigation equipment, and have been serving the industry for over 50 years.

Q.) Does my irrigation contractor need to be licensed?

A.) Because lawn sprinkler systems are directly connected to your city water supply, they must meet local codes for attachment to the drinking water system. The kind of license required varies from state to state.(Lawn Sprinklers are required to be licensed in Topeka , and City permits are required) Contact your city building permit office to determine what type of license is required. In addition to this, inquire about any certifications your contractor has or industry affiliations he may belong to. Many states have certification programs for landscape irrigation contractors and organizations like the I.A. (Irrigation Association) provide national certification and training. Weathermatic's College of Irrigation Knowledge has been training irrigation professionals since 1966.

Q.) What about a design/plan?

A.)The design of your Irrigation system should take into account such factors as elevation changes, sunny and shaded areas, and the type of landscape planting in place or planned for the future. Discuss these items with your contractor before installation to insure that you get a custom system designed to your needs. Sprinkler placement, the location of remote control valves, and the location and scheduling of your controller should all be incorporated into the plan. You should receive a copy of the system design after installation so that you will have it for future reference.

Q.) Where should I put the controller? Is it weatherproof?

A.) Your Irrigation controller can be located wherever installation and operation are convenient. Normally this will be in your garage, however,we have model's approved for outdoors if desired.

Q.)What about the warranty?

A.) Our irrigation components are warranted for a minimum of two years ad some upto 7 years. At least one year warranty on workmanship is standard in the industry. Ask your contractor about other warranties on pipe, fittings, wire, etc.

Q.) How much will my system cost?

A.) The price for your installed sprinkler system will vary depending on where you live. Labor rates and installation codes differ from place to place. Differences in component features and unique design or installation requirements will also affect the final price. Don't let price become the priority vs. choosing a quality design and installation. Too often homeowners choose a lower price over a quality job and components, and are forced to live with an inadequate system which provides poor performance and requires more maintenance.


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